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Dungeness Speech and Language is a speech therapy practice dedicated to providing skilled intervention to children with speech, language and social communication delays and disorders.  The clinic provides a fun, attractive, and supportive setting for learning through play, structured practice and family education.  Dana Braswell Doss has been serving children and their families in her Olympia practice, Capital Speech & Learning Professionals, since 1999.  She is pleased to open her second clinic on the Olympic Peninsula.

Could my child need services?

1 to 2 years

• Uses several single words unprompted
• Starts simple pretend play
• Points to objects
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2 to 3 years

• Uses 2 and 4 word phrases
• Follows simple instructions
• Has become more interested in other children
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3 to 4 years

• Uses 4 to 5 word sentences
• Shows affection to playmates
• Plays make-believe

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4 to 5 years

• Uses 5 to 6 word sentences
• Follows 3-step commands
• Cooperates with other children

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